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B-BBEE recruitment

Disability learnerships have become a multi-faceted solution where businesses are increasing their B-BBEE score, saving time, money and resources, all while changing lives and helping solve unemployment in South Africa. 

Why B-BBEE recruitment?

  • Creating an opportunity for People with Disabilities to have a bigger, better and brighter future

  • Maximising B-BBEE points for Skills Development and Socio-Economic Development Elements with disability

  • Providing a cost-effective solution with SETA Discretionary Grants, Employee Tax Incentives, Tax Allowance and Tax-Deductible Expenses

  • Contributing to improving the PWD unemployment rate in South Africa

What do we offer in terms of B-BBEE?

  • Disability learnerships 

  • Disability placements

  • Providing a turnkey solution to outline your possible B-BBEE score improvement

How do we contribute to B-BBEE?

  • Providing project management services 

  • Offering a SETA administration solution 

  • Sourcing accredited skills

  • Development providers

  • Recruitment of disabled individuals 

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