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Imbhewu Marimba Band

"Disability is often ostracised by society, but the marimba band strived to integrate the children with society, through the skills that they would obtain through the band and its practices and disciplines. The skills stretch far beyond basic music literacy. The band provides the children with a sense of purpose, responsibility and independence."

The Imbhewu Marimba band is the collaborative result of Ray Mbatsane and Alta Du Toit School, a school for children with severe intellectual disabilities. For the children who form part of the Marimba band at Alta Du Toit School, it has given them the opportunity to experience musical expression and social integration as well as direction and possible career furthering.


The program aims to expand and establish marimba bands in rural areas. These marimba bands play at events and obtain an income by offering their services. The participants obtain musical skills, income building skills and also gives them a sense of belonging. This project is linked to B-BBEE points and people that donate towards this cause will receive points for their generosity. 

To date, four bands have been established: Alta du Toit School, Rusthof School, Tygervalley and the Imbhewu Marimba band. 

The Imbhewu Marimba band consists of members who are all severely intellectually disabled. This specific band has performed with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded their CD. Furthermore, this initiative is linked to a German initiative "Mime for Art" working with traumatised individuals. They perform internationally and are well-established.

Individuals or companies that donate to the Marimba band, will be issued with an 18A certificate as well as have the opportunity to earn B-BBEE points.

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