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Job shadowing

We have an amazing job shadowing program with McDonald's that starts in March and ends in November each year. Special Needs Schools in our network can sign up their final year learners to complete job shadowing opportunities at participating McDonald's stores.

The job shadowing entails working two hours, once a week. The on the job skills and experience the learners get from the job shadowing program are fantastic for their career growth. Each learner is also rewarded with a certificate after completion of the program.

We had such great results in 2022 that the goal is to have more schools involved in 2023 so that more learners can participate in this project. The project was such a success that some of the learners were even offered permanent positions at the store after their job shadowing was complete. The only province currently involved is the Western Cape, with our focus set on branching out to other provinces. McDonald's vision for 2023 is to extend the program to Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.


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