JOB-ABLED strives at becoming the go-to platform for any person with a disability looking for a job.
Access to jobs for people with disabilities has become a major problem, not only in beautiful South Africa but also worldwide.  As part of JOBJACK's vision to 'Employ the World', JOB-ABLED aims at creating opportunities for all people with disabilities by making jobs accessible online.


JOB-ABLED has connected multiple wonderful human beings into job opportunities, however, the long-term plan is to take on this problem at scale by automating our operations through app development. 


JOBJACK's technology is a major head start with to this process, much development is still needed to fill the needs of our differently abled champions. This, unfortunately, comes at a cost - our biggest ask at this stage is for any financial contribution or connections. 


JOB-ABLED is a registered NPO and is soon receiving our s18A tax exemption certificate which can be issued for any donations received (this can also legally be issued in back-date to any donations received in the meantime).
We appreciate your support and look forward to changing the world with you.

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